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President's (1st) Report from AMTA National Convention 2013

Posted By Mark Alpert, Wednesday, September 25, 2013
AMTA-WA First National Convention Report from Ft. Worth Tx, AMTA-Washington President, is currently attending the AMTA National Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. 
Here are some of the financial numbers reported at the National Board Meeting:
Chief Financial Officer Reports:
  • $4,938,728 of operating revenue

  • $4,600,117 of operating expense

  • $20.8 million in the investment account (also called "reserves")         
Overall Chapter accounts:
  • $3,812,273 in assets

  • $1,445,797 of revenue

  • $1,344,359 of expenses                

                Overall, Chapters spend about 11% of their budgets on legislation.

2. Massage Emergency Response Team (MERT) taskforce is currently reviewing and surveying what Chapters are doing in this area. They will consult with national staff and the attorney and submit policy change recommendations next year.


3. Governance Standing Committee is reviewing some changes for Delegates and Alternate Delegates. They also are reviewing Chapter Position descriptions and will have recommendations of changes next year.


4. Bullets from Government Relations Committee:

  • Massage Therapists should be treated the same as other health care providers.

  • Massage Therapists receive a sustainable inclusion in health care.

  • Encourage AMTA members to take advantage of opportunities the Affordable Care Act provides.


5.      2014 AMTA convention will be held in Denver, Colorado. 
         2015 AMTA convention be held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 
         2016 AMTA convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   

Considerations for selecting a convention location are the number of members within a 300 mile radius, the cost to AMTA for the event, the cost of hotel rooms, flights and other travel expenses and the desirability of the location.

 6. In 2013, AMTA advertising will reach 46 million potential consumers.  One of the biggest advertising events for the AMTA is the Massage Therapy Tour.

The Massage Therapy Tour has been to 20 cities and many massage schools along the route.  The purpose of the tour is to educate potential consumers about massage benefits and to educate massage students about the value of AMTA membership. The Tour, so far, has had 500 million media impressions!

As we receive additional reports from the National Convention, we will pass them along to you!

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When is a website not a website?

Posted By Julie Onofrio, Friday, September 13, 2013
When is a website, not a website?   When it is this new, community building, unifying, connection making, massage awareness building, educational and community building (worth repeating!) Website.   When it is your NEW AMTA-WA Website!  (that you are reading now!)

We are building this for you the members of AMTA Washington. We have chosen this robust system from www.yourmembership.com to do all of this and more!   Each member will have their own profile, blog, photo gallery and file uploading section.   We have created groups for our Programs such as the Government Affairs and External Relations Program, Massage Awareness and Interest Network (MAIN) and the House of Delgates where you can connect with others and keep up to date on the latest news, events and adventures!

And just so you know, this is really a work in progress.  We are really just beginning the process of gathering all of you (AMTA-WA Members) together here to share info, create your profiles and work on bringing you all of the tools and information that you will need to be successful in your careers as a massage therapist in WA.  We have about 4500 members that we will be inviting to join us here on our new meeting place!

Our plan is to make this the website for everything and anything related to massage in Washington State!

Where can you go to meet other LMPs in your local area, get support, meet for coffee, and join Continuing Education classes?  AMTA-WA  MAIN groups!

Where can you go if you are having issues getting paid by insurance companies?
AMTA-WA Government Affairs and External Relations Program

Where can you go if you want to find a job in your local area?
The AMTA-WA  Career Center!

What if you are ready to hire some massage therapists because you are so busy and you are ready to expand?

Yup - the AMTA-WA Career Center again.

The Career Center is free for all AMTA-WA members to post their resumes, look for jobs and post job openings!

Need more clients?  Our new Find a Massage Practitioner Feature may be able to help!

This is just the beginning of a long and wonderful adventure!  We have plans for bringing you online CE Classes, webinars, Ebooks and much more!

Our current plan is to roll out the website to small groups of members at a time- watch your in-box for YOUR invite!

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Introducing - the New AMTA WA chapter website

Posted By Kelli Wise, Monday, May 13, 2013
Welcome to the brand new AMTA WA website. We have big plans for the site, including regular information and postings here on the blog. 

Our goal is to make the Washington chapter website a model for all chapters nationwide. We have a lot of great things in store for you - the members of AMTA WA. 

As I type this, some of our features haven't been enabled yet, but expect to see them in the near future as we complete our rollout. Here is a partial list of what you'll find on the all new website.

A Highly Professional and User Friendly All-New Design

New and Improved Content

For both members and the public, designed to better fulfill our mission

Member Profiles

Maintain personal and professional information, view member community activity feeds, manage your external social/professional networks, and select profile field visibility by other members

Maintain multiple personal blogs with audio/video sharing, post and update online résumé/CV, and manage your career postings.

Professional & Social Networking

Chat in real-time with other online members, collaborate with others via blogs, forums, wikis, groups, favorites, wall posts, file sharing and more.

Post to member and group walls, view activity feeds Share external social/professional networking profiles

Manage your connections, email members and connections, send and receive messages with attachments, manage received messages and attachments.

Engage others via Refer-a-Friend system with tracking. 

Events & Conferences

View a centralized calendar summarizing all association and group happenings, color-coded and searchable by groups. Register for events online and a multitude of event-related options

Purchase tickets online with pricing adjusted for member type, view event registration attendee lists and comments, read comprehensive event information and details. View event-specific photo galleries. Receive email registration confirmation. Receive reminder emails for registered events and check-in for events online.

Member Directory Search

The public will be able to locate – on our own chapter site - practitioners meeting selected criteria who are nearest them. This will include quick-links to member profiles, view map to member address (if activated), and the ability to email and message members directly from site.

Groups, Committees & Chapters

Browse available groups, select groups you would like to join Access group homepages, and browse group member profiles Request access to private groups. Manage a group as a group administrator

Collaborate with other members via private group content, wikis, forums, blogs and file libraries. View group activity feed, post to group wall. View, post and collaborate within group forums. Register for group-specific events.

View related group news and send messages to group members


View personal, group and community blogs. Search by tags and blog content and post to open blogs.

Add comments to specific blog posts. Add video, audio and files to posts
Subscribe to blogs and comments and receive email notification of new posts and comments

Wiki & Collaboration

Create site-wide and group wiki pages 


Browse group and community forums Search the content of forums. Attach files and documents to posts. Moderate forums as a community member. Subscribe to daily forum digest and specific threads

CEU & Certification Award System

Earn CEUs within the online community. Certifications show on member profile with auto email notification prior to expiration

Career & Volunteer Center

Search and view available career openings, apply directly online for openings, post and manage your career opportunities, view and rate candidates applying for openings. Subscribe to receive email notifications of new openings

Links & Resources

These are available to both members and the public and link directly to external sites and internal resources.

Surveys, Voting & Quizzes

Participate in optional/required surveys. Take online quizzes and see your score
Tell us what you think! Our new blog allows for comments and we would love to hear from you. 

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Member Benefits - Insurance

Posted By Kelli Wise, Sunday, April 14, 2013
Updated: Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm often asked by students and practicing therapists why I choose to be a member of AMTA. Of the many benefits, including the conventions, meetups with my colleagues, the excellent magazine, the state massage therapy journal, there is also the insurance benefit. 

While you can get your basic liability insurance cheaper elsewhere, the insurance offered to us is probably more fully featured than you realize.

To get the full description of your AMTA insurance benefits, I contacted David Phillips, 3rd VP, AMTA-WA, and he was kind enough to provide the following details.

David contacted our insurance administrator, Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO), and asked to go through his policy, line by line. I'm sure you can imagine Alya's face - she probably doesn't get that kind of request very often. 

If you have employees, can the business cover employees? It depends on the policy, but yes most often it does, and the catch, if the business and the employee are both sued and the business uses up the "aggregate” of their policy defending the business then the employee can be left with the expense of their own defense. This is why it is recommended employees have their own policy. 

Reviewing the policy LINE by LINE:

Professional Liability: $2,000,000 each claim / $6,000,000 aggregate

This covers you if you injure a client while preforming within your scope of training as a massage therapist, which means if you injury someone while doing inter-oral work and have not been certified in inter-oral (which is required in Washington) you could void your coverage.

$2 million per claim is the maximum that will be covered and $6 million is the maximum the policy will pay out. 

Included in the Professional Liability Limits:

General Liability:

This covers what happens to someone while on the premises of the work place, a slip and fall, or a table collapse.

Products Liability:

Covers the products used while doing work such as  oils, lotions, and scents.

Host Liquor Liability:

If I have a meet and greet for the physicians and chiropractors near me and have wine and cheese available, if I don’t charge for the alcohol and someone gets in an accident after leaving, I’m covered if they sue.

Personal Injury Liability:  

If privileged information about your client is released or shared with unauthorized people and causes them damage, this includes violating HIPPA .

Good Samaritan Liability:  

When providing aid to accident victims, if you do not exceed your trained abilities, like first aid, you will be covered.

Malplacement Liability:  

If you are in charge of a massage therapist and place them with a client that they harm, you could be charge with malplacement.

Fire & Water Legal Liability:  

This covers damage to space other than yours.  If your candle catches the building on fire, or your hydroculator leaks and ruins the ceiling in a unit below you. (this is subject to a $100,000 sub limit)

Coverage Extensions (limits listed after explanations)

License Protection:

If our license comes under revue by the DOH for a complaint, this would be used for your defense. -  $10,000 per  proceeding / $25,000 aggregate

Defendant Defense Benefit:  

Money that covers expenses associated with appearing at hearings or court in ones defense.Can include hotel,milage,  lost wages. $10,000 aggregate

Deposition Representation:  

Funds used to hire couching to prepare you to give a deposition or appear in court.- $2,500 per deposition / $5,000 aggregate


If a someone becomes violent and damages or destroys the therapist’s equipment, not the therapist. This is the coverage that we would use.  $10,000 per incident / $25,000 aggregate

Medical Payments:  

If someone gets injured at your place of business and don’t feel it is necessary to sue, and would like to get medical payed for this goes toward that.- $2,000 per person / $100,000 aggregate

First Aid:

If you stop to give aid at an accident and use your first aid supplies, your policy will cover the cost to replace the used supplies. - $2,500 aggregate

Damage to Property of Others:  

If a client were to drop their iPhone and I was to step on it, which could happen at WSMT events, this would cover the  cost to repair or replacement.  $10,000 aggregate


When you take the time to really look at what is covered by our policy and that to get the same coverage from most other providers the cost would be greater, we as AMTA members are getting an amazing deal.

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